We began making goat cheese about 5 years ago. One of our goats lost her kids after delivery and she had an abundance of milk. We were concerned about her health, so we began milking her. We did not know what to do with all the milk so we researched making goat cheese. We had tried store bought goat cheese and did not like the flavor and thought it would probably taste better if it were fresh.We liked the result and began milking more goats and making more cheese.

We would bring the cheese to work and our coworkers loved it and encouraged us to make more. We then took a cheesemaking class in the Hill Country. We met many other people there just like us- people who fell into cheesemaking by chance but were glad to have done so.

The enthusiasm we received from family and friends encouraged us to pursue this more as a business and not just a hobby. So, after hard work (and mounds of paperwork) we are pleased to present our passion for artisan goat cheese to you.


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