Hard Cheeses and other Specialty Cheeses

                            Smoked Gouda                           
   Plain Feta
     Goat Cheese with Ash
Tomato-Basil Feta
Iboref Cheese


  1. Plain:  just what the name describes. Great with fresh fruit or on bagels
  2. Garlic: creamy garlic spread
  3. Chipotle: spicy, southwest flare
  4. Tomato-Basil: taste of Mediterranean     
  5. Dill: dill flavor- great with salmon   
  6. Rosemary-Garlic: balance of 2 great flavors
  7. Lemon-Rosemary: creamy rosemary with hint of citrus
  8. Spinach-Roasted Red Bell Pepper: vegetable delight 
  9. Honey Apricot Pecan: tart apricot with honey and pecans
  10. Honey Cranberry Pistachio: looks like holidays/ tastes like paradise
  11. Honey Black Pepper Fig- peppery sweet
  12. Smoked Onion- Applewood smoked onion cheese- great on burgers!
  13. Candied Jalapeno:  sweet heat

Seasonal Favorites:

        1. Honey Pumpkin Spice*
        2. Honey Chipotle Mango*
        3. Red, White, and Blue (strawberry and blueberry)*
        4. Honey Wasabi*
        5. Honey Cherry Almond*
        6. Honey Chocolate Expresso*
        7. Honey Blueberry*

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